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Cultural Tour

Nepal is blessed as a paradise destination to experience the unique culture and homeland of adventurous activities exit on earth. However, Nepal is extremely rich with diversity in the unity which posies infinite naturally beauty surrounded by Mother Nature. Which take your breath away with well-off friendly hospitality attract the tourist from around the globe to visit Nepal. We do have multi-culture and multi religions might be the best example of a world where people of Nepal celebrate different festivals with their core faith.  Cultural tourism is a genre of special tourism based on the search for and participation in new and deep cultural experience, whether aesthetic, intellectual, emotional, or psychological. Sites for the cultural tour can be an iconic historical monument, museums, temples, cultural-artistic performances, festivals, events, etc. Doing a cultural trip in a specific place may result in knowing the history and trends which are performed by the indigenous people of the place.

The culture of Nepal includes the codes of manners, dress, rituals, norms, language and the way of living. Astonishing enough, ten world heritage sites in Nepal are termed cultural by UNESCO. The shrine, monasteries, ancient temples and architecture are all representatives of the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Our travels forms organized different kinds of a cultural tour for international and domestic clients. 

Cultural Tour Packages
Cultural Tour Packages
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