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About Us

Mercy Holidays (P) Ltd binds you to the unforgettable outdoor odyssey inside the great Himalayas. Mercy Holidays is a local company registered under the travel act of Nepal and inaugurated in 2018. Based in Kathmandu, we are a team of experts with a decade-long experience in countless adventurous activities amidst the Great Himalayas.

We are here to make sure you get the most out of your stay in Nepal. Hiking, Rafting, Cycling, Bike tour, Mountain Expeditions, and Cultural tour are some of our specialties.

If you are with us, you are part of our bigger family. That being said, the safety of our family members matters to us while they are having a moment of their life in the Himalayas. Our crew participates in First Aid training and other safety programs conducted by the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) and International Mountain Guide every year. Thus, they are always at the top of what they do.

What’s more, our custom-made packages for universities and other educational institutions will offer exactly what students need for their research.



“To help you make the best out of your holiday.”




Holidays are meant to be fun, and they should be. However, going to a new place and adjusting to the new environment can be daunting. It is worse if you have to plan your entire vacation by yourself.

This is why Mercy Holidays was established. We aspire to be the best holiday operator. Only to ensure that every vacation stop feels like a milestone.

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